Welcome to LMUnleash which offers you a face cover product to keep your clothes clean from makeup stains when dressing and undressing.

Customer satisfaction 90%
Performance 95%
Unique Experience 98%


To create an effortless experience to clients when changing clothes, without being concerned about smudging and staining their clothes with makeup, by using the high quality LMUnleash face cover product.


To bring effortless simplicity to a
woman when dressing herself, since
this is an important aspect of who she
is and what she wants to become – owning her destiny.


The face cover is made from a non-woven fabric, broadly defined as sheet or web structures, bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically and thermally.

What We Do

Step 1

Wear the mask over your head.

Step 2

Pull your piece of clothing over the mask.

Step 3

All done! No make up stains, ever.


This product was launched from a personal need that I face daily when I have to apply make- up and then change clothes.  Most women end up staining both the original and the alternative clothes item after pulling both over their heads, or rather their made-up faces. The alternative is using extra time and energy to look for a scarf, stocking or tissue to cover the face. It is not ideal, because its loose and slips of, which defeats the purpose.

Changing clothes should be effortless and we want it to have an effortless feel to it. Women always want to be content and self-confident in their clothes and feel like themselves in every clothing item they put on. The only effort should be to decide which clothing item to wear and not on how to put it on! This is where the LMUnleash makeup face cover will come to the rescue.