About Us

LMUnleash is a South African natural brand product to prevent makeup stains on clothes. Unleash means to release, be set free, or become unrestricted with a strong, zealous and passionate force.

Our clients

LMUnleash will help provide in your day-to-day needs as a woman, as you go about creating and owning your own destiny.

We are committed to create space for each person to be their most authentic self so that they can contribute their own unique gift to the world.

Correctly applied makeup enhances a woman’s beauty. A side effect of it, like clothes staining, should not be anything she needs to worry about in this competitive world where a woman can be anything she wants to be. The face cover is designed for that get-up-and-go woman who is independent and in control of her own destiny and supports those around her to do the same


To create an effortless experience to clients when changing clothes, without being concerned about smudging and staining their clothes with makeup, by using the high quality LMUnleash face cover product.


To bring effortless simplicity to a woman when dressing herself, since this is an important aspect of who she is and what she wants to become – owning her destiny.

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