LMUNLEASH is about love and commitment to you!

Welcome to LMUnleash which offers a face protector product, designed for everyday lifestyle with the aim of preventing make up stains and smudges, giving you a clean, hassle free life.

Join us on the journey to living your best life without the mess or fuss!

How to use
LMUnleash face mask.

Step 1

Take out your LMUnleash face mask.

Step 2

Wear the face mask over your head.

Step 3

Pull your piece of clothing over the face mask.

Step 4

All done!
No make up stains, ever.


Changing clothes should be effortless and we want it to have an effortless feel to it. Women always want to be content and self-confident in their clothes and feel like themselves in every clothing item they put on. The only effort should be to decide which clothing item to wear and not on how to put it on! This is where the LMUnleash makeup face cover will come to the rescue.


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