LMUnleash Shaving Apron

Sure, it’s easier to shave in the sink instead of taking a hot shower, but that convenience comes at the price of a clogged drain. You may not notice a problem for a while, until the water gurgles as it slowly bubbles down the drain – if it drains at all. Clogged drains aren’t always easy to fix – if the clog has been building up for some time, you might need to call a plumber.

The good news is, you can still shave in the sink without clogging the drain by using the LMUNLEASH Shaving apron


No more stray hairs down the sink, on the soap, in your toothbrush when you shaving


  •  A practical, comfortable and easy to use apron to catch all of fallen hair clippings,
  • Attaches to the mirror to create a large safety net for hair clippings


The upper width is 50cm, the lower width is 77cm, and Expand the length around 120cm


  • Nylon, feel soft, waterproof, easy to clean and dry


Easy to setup on mirror with supplied suction cups